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 Beef Bar
Roast Beef on Kummelwick
Premium Roast Beef Sandwich  
Roast Beef on Kimmelwick Special
Beef on "wick" and choice of one: German potato salad, American potato salad, baked beans or coleslaw.  
Roast Beef on Kummelwick Platter
Beef on "wick" and choice of two: German Potato Salad, American Potato Salad, baked beans or coleslaw.  
Beef 'n' Cheese Melt
Tender slices of roast beef, topped with fresh mushrooms, swiss cheese and a light touch of beef gravy, served on a grilled hard roll with fresh fries.  
French Beef Dip 'au jus'
Slices of tender beef on hard roll served with a dish of hot natural beef juices.  
Beef Eater Dinner 'au jus'
Slices of tender roast beef smothered in natural juices, choice of potato, tossed salad, rolls and butter.  
Sliced Roast Beef Plate 'au jus'
Lots of beef in natural juices with tossed green salad, rolls and butter.  
Open Face Hot Roast Beef
Sliced beef on bread, smothered with thick gravy, with choice of a tossed green salad or combination of German potato salad and coleslaw.  
Traditional Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Sliced beef between two slices of bread, covered with thickened gravy, choice of mashed potatoes or french fries.  
Roast Beef Dinner
Slices of tender beef under thickened gravy, tossed salad, choice of potato, rolls and butter.  
Smother any of the above beef dinners with sauteed mushrooms or sauteed onions